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Weird and Wonderful Clay Creations

Original Sculptural Ceramics

Handmade in Lincolnshire. England

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Ceramic Duck Handmade in Grimsby Lincolnshire.


After casting, each one has to be fettled and worked on to ensure all the details show. They are then left to dry before being bisque fired. Another firing is needed for the colours and glaze.

Each one can be personalised with a name of your choice. Colours may vary slightly due to the nature of firings but basically they are as shown in the photograph .

Each one stands approx 14 cms x 14 cms, is hand finished and hand painted, fully fired and glazed.

The money is retrieved the old fashioned way - using a knife to toggle the coins from the slot..  



Priced at £25 each (plain no name)

or  personalised £30 each

Plus £5.00 postage.

Please allow up to 28 days as each one is handmade.


A customer  needed an "absurd duck moneybox" - as described so in the script of the play "84 Charing Cross Road".

The play was a tremendous success. I was thoroughly complimented on the production by an ITV Drama producer.

As you kindly supplied the star of the show (Duck money box ) I thought you might like a few pictures of your duck in action. It fitted the bill perfectly and was able to be seen well by the audience.

The duck now sits proudly displayed in my sitting room.

Regards, Colin Keir, Lymington Players


My duck was Star of the show!


Donnaware Pottery famous duck
Donnaware Pottery famous duck
Duck by Donnawarepottery
Donnaware Pottery famous duck

My duck was Star of the show!