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Important news for Donnaware Pottery
Official Jolly Fisherman logo - Licenced to use

I am proud to say I followed the correct procedure and applied for the tender within the time scale given. I met the deadline and was SHORT LISTED for the new life size Jolly statue commission.

I did include in my submission a visual representation of what it would look like in the form of a 12” glazed small statuette finished in all his glorious colours.

However, after a long delayed and anticipated wait, I have now been informed by phone that sadly my designs were not selected for the final  but at least I tried.

A NEW  life size Jolly Fisherman
 statue planned for Skegness


Skegness Mascot

I was short listed but unfortunately my designs were not chosen.

The immediate response to all this has caused uproar as you may well have read in the press.

Here is a link to the chosen design.



Conceptual brief for design, creation and installation of a life size character depicting the iconic ‘Jolly Fisherman’

1 of 2 designs submitted
 I feel that the new sculpture should, as completely as possible, represent John Hassall’s original image.  My aim is to create a figure that captures the quintessential free feeling pose of ‘Jolly’ dancing carefree on Skegness beach.
The figure – A life-size male portly character, with whimsical facial features, dressed casually in his blue sweater, white jeans, and turned down black thigh boots, wearing traditional fisherman head gear his head thrown back deep in his neck, chubby chin resting on a bright red flowing scarf.  He stands with a backward tilt, arms outstretched, palms down, one foot tiptoed into the sand, knee bent, the other leg raised off the ground, in an angled position somewhat fancifully swinging in rhythm to the imaginary music in his ears.  The sea beside him, with a starfish sea creature afoot..

Jolly fisherman design skegness by Donnas Peterson
Jolly fisherman design skegness by Donnas Peterson

Design niumber one

Design number two

 A lively representation of ‘Jolly’ enjoying his holiday in Skegness, the statue taking centre stage on its polished plinth will be in keeping with the seaside theme adopted at the railway and will be a striking talking point, winning public approval of residents and visitors alike. I have purposely omitted his pipe – to advocate healthy living so as to avoid the presentation of a potentially negative role model in the form of the depiction of the Jolly fisherman smoking

My second proposal would see Jolly portrayed again as a life size portly character, but with a few noticeable differences. His whimsical facial features, burnt with a copper glow from the glorious Skegness sunshine, standing bare foot on the beach - both of Jolly’s feet would be firmly on the ground.   He would be sporting a full length blue and white striped bathing costume, with only his neck, lower arms and lower legs exposed, a bright red beach towel tucked under his left arm, his right hand stretched before him holding a melting ice cream. Jolly’s face, expressed with delight in anticipation of his treat, his old boots on the sand to the side of him, sunglasses perched high up on his traditional fisherman hat. Not forgetting of course, the all important star fish, laid visible on the sand before him.

This design of course differs from the original design by John Hassall, but only in the way that Jolly is posed and dressed – it would be the same Jolly Fisherman, but in a different context – here, he would be seen enjoying the Skegness sunshine, exemplifying the positive features and attractions of Skegness and putting greater focus on the brighter side (quite literally) as opposed to the image & slogan of “Skegness is so bracing” coupled with a Jolly Fisherman dressed for chilly breezy weather.

Again, I have purposely omitted his pipe – to advocate healthy living so as to avoid the presentation of potentially negative role model in the form of the depiction of Jolly smoking.

I envisage it to be rather like a saucy postcard image in bright colours, surely a delightful welcome for commuters from the trains, alternatives of him could be with a crab biting his big toe - this pose would take up the original stance in the logo and would be made in the same way, using the same materials.