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Weird and Wonderful Clay Creations

Original Sculptural Ceramics

Handmade in Lincolnshire. England

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Green man handmade in terracotta Size  approx 10”

Shown left freshly made New ‘Bird Brain’ tweet nesting  places! Hang them on your garden wall and watch the birds flock to nest in them. Pigs, cats, dogs, birds, horses, people and more. Why not order as special one made just for you?

Cat Nesting Box, hangs on exterior wall. Birds enter through the mouth. Complete with wooden whiskers for perching birds.
Approx 10 “


Welcome to Peterson Pottery Studio ‘CrackPot’ Shop.
Weird and wonderful clay creations, handmade by Peterson Pottery Studio, Grimsby Email with your request.
Please contact before clicking the 'Buy' Button


Selection of handmade ceramic bangles - popular with young musicians. Threaded on elastic these are sure to delight. Mixture of colours, some wooden beads mixed in.

Unique Hares and Rabbits hand made available only from this web site. Shown here in clay. Enquire now.

Dragon by Donnas Peterson

Unique Dragon roof finials made to order


Gorgeous Hand made individual ceramic roses on a stem

Ahhh Morning I look like that!?Contact for prices



Personalised mugs,contact for prices